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Teman..ada satu hal lagi neh yg membanggakan Indonesia. Ternyata, lagu Indonesia Raya kita dianggap sebagai salah satu lagu kebangsaan terbaik yg ada di Dunia. Liat deh beritanya..

Indonesia Raya (composed in 1924, "Indonesia Raja" in old Indonesian spelling) is the national anthem of the Republic of Indonesia. The song was introduced by its composer, Wage Rudolf Supratman, at 28 October 1928 in a national youth convention in Batavia (now Jakarta). The song marked the birth of the all-archipelago nationalist movement in Indonesia that supported the idea of one single "Indonesia" as successor to the Dutch East Indies, then split into several colonies. The first paper to openly publish the text "Indonesia Raya" - a daring act of defiance towards the Dutch authorities - was the Chinese Indonesian weekly Sin Po, a fact still noted with pride by the Chinese Indonesian community.

It was chosen as the national anthem when Indonesia proclaimed its independence at 17 August 1945.

Jozef Cleber, a dutch composer, created Indonesia Raya arrangement for philharmonic orchestra in 1950. This arrangement is widely been used currently for formal and some informal purposes.

Many people abroad said "Indonesia Raya" is one of the best anthems in the world.
Sumber: Wikipedia

Satu sumber lain juga mengakui bahwa "Indonesia Raya" adalah national anthem terbaik, bahkan setelah dibandingkan dengan "Star Spangled Banner" milik Amerika Srikat, "La Marsellaise" milik Perancis dan "God Save The Queen" milik Inggris.

In fact, Americans are obsessed by their national anthem, and play it at virtually all major sporting events -- and even at minor events too, such as kindergarten sports day. And wherever, when the Star Spangled Banner is played, the inevitable audience is starry-eyed men and women, arms across their chests, faces full of emotion.

While the French national anthem, "La Marsellaise", is considered to contain racist elements (the stuff about "pure blood"), it's also undoubtedly one of the best anthems around. It's been adopted and adapted by an army of musicians, including Django Reinhard, Michel Sardou Serge Gainsbourge (Aux armes et caetera), The Frog Princess (!) in "The Divine Comedy", and The Beatles, who used it to open "All You Need is Love".

And "God Save the Queen"? This dirge-like anthem became the inspiration for the Sex Pistol's extremely controversial punk-rock band version, where in the lyrics, they compare the Queen to a fascist regime. They claimed they wrote it as a defense of the working class and because they loved the English race. Riiiight!

In any case, they soon had a hit on their hands, proving that even if the UK is a monarchy it's completely democratic too. Just imagine if someone tried giving "Indonesian Raya" that kind of treatment! The only thing they'd be hit with would be a jail sentence!

While not popularized the way the "Star Spangled Banner" and "La Marsellaise" are, I have to admit the Indonesian national anthem is probably another one of the best. Yes it's rousing, but it's also melodious in parts. Before Independence Day this year, I hadn't given it much thought, but it does sound like a national anthem ought to sound, and it inspires -- well, nationalistic feelings and pride in one's country.
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Taman Indonesia di Belgia

Tahukah Anda bahwa salah satu negara asal wisatawan asing terbesar di Indonesia adalah dari Belgia? Ketertarikan warga Belgia terhadap Indonesia bahkan terlihat dengan dibangunnya Taman Indonesia di Brugelette, Belgia. Taman yang diberi nama "The Kingdom of Ganesha" ini adalah Taman Indonesia pertama di Eropa.

Di depan gerbang terdapat Rumah Toraja dan replika Candi Borobudur. Sementara di bagian belakang tampak rumah tradisional besar ala Nusa Tenggara Timur berderet melingkari ujung taman. Selain itu, terdapat pula Pura Bali yang bernama Puri Agung Shanti Buwana, yang ukurannya sama sebesar ukuran pura besar di Bali. Selain itu masih banyak yang lainnya. Hal ini seperti membuat miniatur ciri khas dan identitas Indonesia di Belgia. Suatu kehormatan besar mendapatkan apresiasi seperti ini bukan? Bangga!!